Viewer Features

  • Can I Open an Excel file with Viewer?

    Yes, but the Excel file has to be in a specific format.  To use this feature, download and examine two files: - This is an Excel template file that has a template on the first tab and instructions on the second tab.
  • How do I set up task updates for Microsoft Project 2010, 2013 and 2016?

    Starting with Microsoft Project 2010, Microsoft buried their "project properties." This made preparing the project for task update in Viewer a little tricky. Open the project within Microsoft Project. In the File menu, you should see the option for Info. Select it. On the right, there is drop...
  • Troubleshooting the Update Task feature in Steelray Project Viewer

    Using the Update Task feature from the Task Detail View, you can notify your project manager by e-mail of updates on your progress within a project. This feature is more fully documented in the Viewer user guide. If the email is not being sent and you are seeing an error, such as "Username and P...