Installer Questions

  • Downloading Viewer on a Mac results in problems opening and running the installer. How do I fix this?

    In some Mac environments, the Viewer installer may give a "broken" or "unidentified developer" warning. This is an indication that the installer has been quarantined by your system. There are 2 options to correct the issue. First, instead of double-clicking on the file to open it, right-click on...
  • How do I install the Linux version?

    Installing the Linux version is very simple: Download the Linux installer. su (so you are root) Run the installer - choose /opt/steelray as the installation directory To run Steelray Project Viewer: ~~~ /opt/steelray/spv ~~~
  • How much disk space does Viewer require on Windows?

    Viewer requires 200 MB on Windows.
  • Mac installer is blocked from use

    OS X Gatekeeper occasionally shows the message that the application is "blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer." Click the Open Anyway button to override and run the installer.
  • Mac installer is damaged and can’t be opened.

    OS X Gatekeeper occasionally shows this message when it does not recognize an installer's digital signature. To run the application for the first time, you will need to disable Gatekeeper as follows: Go to System Preferences... | Security & Privacy | General tab. Click the Lock icon in the...
  • MSI Installer Instructions

    [Note: If you are looking for an MSI installer for SPV, please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary version.] If you need to integrate viewer installation into a larger deployment, it is sometimes easier to use the MSI installer. Use the following command line to deploy the soft...